What did Jamie Eat During her Challenge?

Nutrition and Fuel for Jamie

Fuelling up for a challenge of this magnitude is a tricky job in itself. I asked Andy what sort of things Jamie ate on the record-breaking 31 days and 10 hours of her challenge.

Jamie says "she ate really well!"

"Our friend Leonie is a really good vegan cook. She and her partner Simon made Jamie 30, freshly cooked, vegan meals. We had a small fridge in the van and took 5 meals with us at the start. We then had multiple deliveries of more of the meals as we went through the project.

"As often as possible, Jamie had a Leonie meal once every 24 hours. This would be mixed with a double serving of pasta. This was occasionally missed when she was out at a midcamp overnight when she probably had a proprietary ready meal.

"For breakfast, Jamie is not usually interested in eating, especially never having more than 5 hrs sleep in the whole project. We went for a liquid breakfast; some kind of protein drink that you buy from a supermarket and a tin of "Nourishment"

"Sometimes, a well known caffeinated, stimulant drink and maybe a few homemade cookies, thanks to (munro veteran) Rory Gibson!

Fuel on the hill(s) consisted of snacks such as peanut butter and jam in a sandwich or bagel, the usual gels that runners like, cereal bars, chocolate bars, nuts, and vegetarian jelly sweets. This would all need to be easy to carry so as not to weigh Jamie down and make her slow! She usually carried 2 x 500ml bottles, mixture of water with "Tailwind" added; one caffeine, one non caffeine.

"Every time [she came] back to the van she would have a high protein recovery shake, in spite of all this she will have been in calorie deficit"

Since the challenge she has been filling up on biscuits, curry and will probably be avoiding pasta for the foreseeable future!


A big thank you to:

  • Leonie Gravemade and Simon Tinley for their delicious vegan freshly cooked meals
  • Rory Gibson for homemade cookies!