Jamie is looking for sponsors to help her on her challenge. Can you help?

I am incredibly fortunate that several photographers have offered their support to take photos, videos and drone footage before and during the challenge, to ensure that any sponsors receive the high quality publicity deserved. Recognition of sponsors will be shared on my own social media; linked to my tracker and fundraising pages; and reinforced after the challenge through any print media coverage or speaking engagements.

Crucial needs include:

  • Nutrition: I am a strict vegetarian and will need a balance of high calorie, yummy, balanced foods and drinks. I want to be eating as much “normal” food as possible, but due to some epic sections in the hills, I’ll also require food that is portable and lightweight, without sacrificing quality and yumminess
  • Bike-related gear: I will be using a mountain bike and a gravel bike, which will predominantly be used as a road bike. To minimise a mechanical catastrophe, I will need spares of as many bike parts as possible, so that repairs can be made while I’m on the move. Ideally, I would have a spare road bike, given the number of miles I will be covering.
  • GoPro Camera: borrowing a GoPro (or similar) camera to enable high quality photos and videos of the challenge.
  • Bivvy kit: To travel safely with my supporters while being protected by the elements and the midges, I need lightweight, reliable bivvy kit, including lightweight means of boiling water.
  • Shoes: I suspect I will go through at least 5 pairs of trail running shoes, and will need varying sizes as my feet will no doubt swell and have other “issues” that will need the sympathy of a larger shoe than normal (and I already have big feet for a girl my height!).
  • Recovery kit: I would LOVE to have access to a pair of compression recovery legs/boots to use at every opportunity, to maximise my efficient recovery whenever I am at the support vehicle. Unfortunately to purchase a pair is beyond my budget.


Press Release from 26th May 2023

Copyright images taken by Andy Stark from Stark Images @ Bridge of Weir contact:

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  • Missing Link Coaching @PaulMissingLink
  • LUC (Land Use Consultants) UK (specifically, Joe Nunn!)
  • SSE Renewables
  • #watukoheadgear
  • Drew at Visual Bike Fit
  • Mike Lates @Skye Guides
  • Andrew Stark of Stark-Images @Bridge of Weir


Thank you so much to the following sponsors for their generous donations: