Rory Gibson on his Munro Round in 1992

Jamie is extremely lucky to have 2 veterans on Team Jamie who will be helping out and passing on useful knowledge.

The first one we'll be featuring is Rory Gibson.

Rory did his round just over 31 years ago (23rd May 1992) and the second is Kathy Murgatroyd who'll we'll be posting about in the near future.

Here's what Rory told Jenny about Jamie's Munro Adventure and his own epic challenge.

"I thought I might be the only member of the been-there-done-that (still got the T-shirt as it happens) brigade but I hear Kathy Murgatroyd beat me to it (both to do her round and to sign up for Aarons’ Army)!

"Our moment in the sun (rain) was 31 years ago almost to the day… half a lifetime ago! I’ll be shuttling bikes and people from place to place from time to time, helping with the odd bivvy/camp if Jamie ever has time to stop running, and taking every opportunity to say “not far to go now”.

"I’d love to be up in the hills running with her but my wings have been clipped with a new hip. I asked my consultant if he thought I could run the Munros in a month and he said “no”… that was a brief conversation… so Jamie has given me the opportunity to live the event vicariously.

"TBH I’m psyched by her credentials and her schedule anyway… our round was just a boys-own-adventure… this is serious!"

Spooky coincidences… purple and chocolate chip cookies.

"We had nothing like Jamie’s credentials but then ultra-running, even trail-running wasn’t “a thing” in those days! We were (still are) old school pals, having always shared a passion for any sport going, but especially running, MTBing, and even more especially “the outdoors”.

"We had our share of “adventures”… trekking in Peru, Himalayas, Alps, climbing and skiing Mont Blanc, Everest Marathon, but just the odd sprinkling of hill races and only 50 odd Munros under our belts each. Fortunately in those days (1992) the bar was pretty low so we arbitrarily set a target of 50 days… sounded like a good challenge at the time!

"We adopted Hamish Brown’s (the original) modus operandum… walk (run)/bike and ferry for the island crossings (would be considered cheating now).

"We were blessed with fabulous weather for the first half which was both crucial to our progress (our navigation skills wouldn’t have coped with the Cairngorms etc in thick cloud) but also our downfall… the holiday atmosphere lost us a couple of days largely through lazy lack of discipline which we complacently thought we’d make up by bivvying a few nights in the latter stages.

"However the weather gods thought otherwise… the weather was pretty rubbish or worse from the Great Glen north so we ended on 51 days (and I think 9 hours!).

"We were lucky to do it when we did… our relatively easy schedule allowed us time to take in the adventure of the whole thing. I hope Jamie has time and energy to look up and drink it all in!"

"I really hope she does it (and have every confidence she will)… the Munros in a month… has the ring of the ultimate iconic challenge about it!!🤞🤞🤞"

Jamie says:

"31 years ago on 23rd May, our own Rory Gibson setting off on his record breaking continuous, self propelled round with his friend and fellow record breaker, Andrew Johnstone. If only I had the purple shorts! You can find a film of their round on YouTube. Highly recommended and will get you jazzed for what's to come!"

And the youtube video is below for your enjoyment.

The Great Munros Challenge: Rory Gibson and Andrew Johnstone