Press Release (On the World Record)

Copyright images taken by Andy Stark from Stark Images @ Bridge of Weir contact:

Additional Images taken en route with Jamie by James Robertson:

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Record broken by 12 hours 35 minutes

  • She covered a momentous 2576.52km including 135,366m of ascent
  • 1315km on foot,
  • 830km by road bike,
  • 370km by mountain bike,
  • 49km on her gravel bike
  • 11.6km by kayak.
  • She climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest 16 times

Interesting Extra Stats:

  • Her biggest ‘day’ was Wednesday 7th June (Day 13) where she did 14 munros within the calendar day (Technically Mount Keen was 00.18 Thursday)
  • She went through six sticks of Trench Footcream
  • Slept an average of less than four hours a day (on the days she actually slept)
  • Supported by 117 volunteers
  • Zero showers throughout the whole challenge


  • 60 second power naps!
  • Inspiring endurance athletes and (all) women worldwide


  • Missing Link Coaching @PaulMissingLink
  • LUC (Land Use Consultants) UK (specifically, Joe Nunn!)
  • SSE Renewables
  • Drew at Visual Bike Fit
  • Mike Lates @Skye Guides
  • Andrew Stark of Stark-Images @Bridge of Weir
  • Ben Finch at Keep it Simple Timing for organising the tracking and timing
  • My amazing friends Alex and Jenny and my amazing partner Andy!

AND every single volunteer that devoted their time to help plan and be part of this amazing challenge