Jamie in the News!

Since completing the challenge Jamie has been interviewed by multiple media outlets including: BBC News BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5 STV News The Times She was also mentioned in The Independent, The Scotsman and The Scottish Daily Mail. … Read More

What did Jamie Eat During her Challenge?

Fuelling up for a challenge of this magnitude is a tricky job in itself. I asked Andy what sort of things Jamie ate on the record-breaking 31 days and 10 hours of her challenge. Jamie says “she ate really well!” … Read More

ACL Hire Van Life!

The Van was a long-wheeled base van and it was offered Hollywood movie style in the closing weeks before the challenge started! This provided relief to Jamie, Andy and the team as it meant that they could relax knowing that … Read More

Press/Media Information

Press Release (On the World Record) Download Jamie’s Press Release in Word or PDF here: Sportwoman Jamie Aarons beats world record Press Release FINAL PDF Press Release Sportwoman Jamie Aarons beats world record FINAL Word Copyright images taken by Andy … Read More

Rory Gibson on his Munro Round in 1992

Jamie is extremely lucky to have 2 veterans on Team Jamie who will be helping out and passing on useful knowledge. The first one we’ll be featuring is Rory Gibson. Rory did his round just over 31 years ago (23rd … Read More

Jamie’s Brother Shares Insights

The year was 2011. The place was Woodbridge, California. Hotter and flatter than anywhere in Scotland outside the brim of a teacup. Kyle, inspired by his big sister’s tradition of running her age in miles each birthday and wanting to … Read More

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