Jamie’s Brother Shares Insights

"Maybe we could do, like, half birthday miles?"

The year was 2011. The place was Woodbridge, California. Hotter and flatter than anywhere in Scotland outside the brim of a teacup. Kyle, inspired by his big sister's tradition of running her age in miles each birthday and wanting to take advantage of their overlapping time at "home," dared to dream that 14 miles together probably wouldn't kill him, and if it did, Jamie would easily be able to haul his body the rest of the way. Kyle survived. And with that, the bug was caught.
Seven months later Jamie came to Washington, DC to "run with" Kyle in his first marathon, which came to be known worldwide as Aarons v Aarons I. Little did Kyle know at the time that his ~1 hour deficit on his sister's time would basically be his high water mark in the series. Jamie dominated Aarons v Aarons III, a 50-miler on the hills north of San Francisco by about three hours. Kyle does recall winning the pizza eating competition that night, but only because he didn't tell Jamie it was a competition.
Deciding to slightly diversify his endurance pursuits, Kyle took up triathlon and has finished two iron-distance events, one of which featured Jamie as a surprise member of the cheer squad. These days Kyle will more likely be found on his commuter bike hauling Jamie's favorite nephew Ari to the playground than on aero bars. Kyle also tries to stay fit by throwing Ari into the air and almost always catching him, in a game they like to call Babytoss.
Hoping there is never an Aarons v Aarons IV, Kyle is thrilled to instead be on Team Jamie, a throwback to getting to cheer her on during her first marathon in New York nearly 20 years ago. In addition to a few days of cycling support, Kyle will be on hand to provide advice on American land contamination law, should it become necessary. Kyle wishes he could be part of a bigger segment of the challenge, but will be keen to get back to Ari and his 33-week pregnant wife, who has promised to name the baby "Munro" if Jamie indeed breaks the record.