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ITERA Expedition Adventure Race 2022

In August 2022 Jamie Aarons took part in the ITERA Expedition Adventure Race on team Gan Canny.

Jamie was a lastminute entry to the team so she needed to quickly adapt to her new teammates and take on the epic challenge.

The expedition adventure race for 2022 took place in the wilderness of Scotland's Highlands, racers needed to climb, run, bike and paddle over the 550km route with 14000m of climb!


Team Gan Canny garnered a special mention from RD James Thurlow, his last time organising the race after 16 years, who said "This team really inspired all of us! They came in 6th and were a young team in their first ever expedition race, so it's an amazing result."

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Image: Adventure Racing Team Gan Canny

ITERA 2022 Expedition After Video!