ACL Hire Van Life!

ACL HIRE Provided the Van for Jamie's Record Breaking Challenge

The Van was a long-wheeled base van and it was offered Hollywood movie style in the closing weeks before the challenge started!

This provided relief to Jamie, Andy and the team as it meant that they could relax knowing that they had transport, somewhere to sleep, eat and a way to transport all the necessary kit, bikes and equipment point to point so Jamie could just get on.

Jamie and team received the van on the 19th May 2023 and it was transformed (in a matter of hours) by Derek from Tabula Rasa Design in a matter of hours.

Then van was kitted out with a kingsize bed and space for all 3 of Jamie's bikes plus Andy's bike and his homemade 'towing system' as well as storage shelves/boxes for Andy's day-to-day needs for Jamie.


After spending just over a month living, sleeping and working in the van Andy is very glad to be back in his own bed! But, they are both extremely grateful to ACL Hire for providing it.

Andy described the van as "excellent" saying it has "very low mileage, all the modern technology, integrated easily with my phone which was actually really handy for navigation and screening the hundreds of messages I was receiving."

"The van was completely reliable and the single most valuable bit of sponsorship we received for the project. We are really grateful to Jade at ACL Hire for sorting it.

"Even details like getting us a spare wheel and tools "just in case." Vans, like cars do not come with spare wheels as standard anymore, so she sent one of the lads to take one off of another van for us."

Derek fitted the van in 'record time' and it is a floating fit - so once it can be returned to ACL Hire in the exact format they delivered it in!


Watch the Insight into Van LIfe video by Andy on YouTube!